Monday, November 4, 2013

Audrey's Little Mermaid Party

Saturday was a big day:  Audrey's 5th birthday party.  She had been asking for a Little Mermaid party for months.  Like last year, when we did a Rapunzel/Tangled themed party, this was more of a Little Mermaid-inspired party, rather than a party featuring all of the Disney movie characters.  As long as we called it a Little Mermaid party and allowed Ariel to pop up a few places, Audrey was happy.  And I was happy to be creative and think a little outside of the Disney box.

Audrey wanted to make the guest list, and I let her invite pretty much everyone that she wanted to invite.  I figure we are getting close to the end of these "invite all of her friends and all of mom and dad's friends" parties, and soon she will just be selecting a few of her own friends from school.  Might as well go big now! We ended up with 17 kids and 13 adults.  I was expecting a few more, but it was still a very full house.

This was our first time to host a large party at our new house, and it was great!  The layout of this house worked really well to keep traffic flowing and keep it from feeling too crowded.  We have an extra room that we didn't have in our old house, plus the steps to our basement are more centrally located here.  So the kids were more eager to go downstairs and play in the basement, while the adults could stay upstairs and chat, but still keep an eye/ear on their kids. 

I'm going to break the party up into a couple of posts to share more details.  But I wanted to start today with the most important part of the party:  the birthday girl!!

She is just too cute!  =)  We got her adorable necklace and bracelet from this etsy shop (which is where I bought the tulle for the girls' Halloween costumes as well).  It was only $9.50 for the necklace/bracelet set!  A steal!  And Audrey LOVED it!  It was just perfect for her special day.

I think Audrey had a great time at her party.  She was a little worried at first because not quite everyone could come, and she really wanted everyone to come!  But she snapped out of it, and soon had fun playing with her friends, making a craft, playing some games, blowing out her candles, eating her cake, and opening lots of presents.  A successful party!

More details to come soon!!


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