Saturday, June 28, 2014

Isla's Three Year Stats

What a month!  It is been just constant craziness around here, and I'm ready for a break!  I had plans for this to be a nice, relaxing summer, but so far that has not happened.  We traveled for Papaw's funeral, then the girls and I left the next day to go see my mom and my dad, then Audrey got sick while we were there, and we had to miss out on seeing my dad, then we came home and went straight to a week of church camp, then I got sick while we are at camp.  And it was horrible.  I had strep throat and an ear infection, and it is the worst I have felt in a very very long time.  Ugh!  And in the middle of all that, Daniel has spent most nights this month running sound at Muni.

Now we are back on the road to normal, and the month of July is looking beautifully empty.  For now at least.

So I'm going to try to catch up on some blogging!  I don't think I've even mentioned Isla's birthday on the blog yet.  But it happened back on May 31, and now she is three!  I have lots to post about her party one of these days.

At the beginning of June, Isla had her three year checkup with the doctor.  It was horrible.  She cried when the nurse tried to take her temperature and check her heartbeat.  She refused to stand on the scale or be measured.  They had to weigh me first then weigh me holding her to get her weight.  For height (what I was most curious about!), she refused to even stand by the wall to be measured.  They had to lay her down on the table and measure her like a baby. I'm not sure the height measurement they took was accurate.  I was helping, and my job was to keep her head touching the top of the measuring chart.  The nurse asked if it was touching, and I could see that it wasn't quite touching (but it was very close).  But Isla was screaming so much, I just told the nurse it was touching so we could get the whole process over.  So her height might be a little bit off, but I think it's close enough.

She was 35.5 inches long, a growth of 4 inches in the past year!  That is awesome growth (even if it might be just a tad exaggerated).  She moved from the 3% for height to the 15% for height.  Go Isla!  She weighed 26 pounds which puts her at 7% for weight.

I used all of my persuasive powers to get Isla to sit next to Raggedy Anne for a picture.  I think the last picture I have of her with Raggedy Anne was this one at 18 months.  She's changed just a little bit over the past 1 1/2 years!

Isla didn't really want to cooperate, but I enlisted Audrey's help to make her laugh, and eventually she at least started laughing even if she didn't want to look at the camera.

Raggedy Ann picture make me feel sentimental, which makes me create side by side pictures like this one.

And this one:  (Audrey's three year stats were:  37 inches (39%) and 31 pounds (55%))

Since Isla had a growth spurt, I figured maybe we could move into some 3T clothes?!  I pulled out these PJ's, which were a little baggy but still wearable.  (Look who is willing to smile now!!)

I vividly remember buying these pajamas when we were in Florida in February 2011.  Audrey was 2 1/2, and I was pregnant with Isla.  I bought matching PJ's for her and her baby sister.  I think it was the first purchase I made for baby Isla.  These pictures were taken back in September 2011, the first time Audrey and Isla wore those matching PJs:

Now that little baby is as big as the big girl in those pictures.  And that big girl is going to be starting kindergarten soon!


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