Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kindergarten Open House

 Tonight we went to Audrey's kindergarten open house.  We are excited about her school, as it is one of the reasons that we moved to this area of town, and we have a couple of friends who work there and have nothing but good things to say about the school.  Plus it is just a few blocks from our house, which is super convenient!

Audrey is so excited about kindergarten, especially after seeing the school and finding out more about it tonight.  It's going to be hard for her to wait for August.  I think she was ready to go out and buy all her school supplies tonight.

I'm not sure how I feel about Audrey starting kindergarten.  On the one hand, I think she will really enjoy it, and it will be good for her.  Audrey seems to be the type of child who is made for structure and classroom settings, and I'm guessing she will do well and enjoy school.   Sometimes I think she is bored at home.  We have spent a lot of time together for the past five years, and some days, especially when we don't always seem to get along, I think it will be good for our relationship to have a little time apart.  =)

On the other hand, I'm used to spending all of my time with her!  After being together all the time to her being gone eight hours a day/five days a week, it's going to be a shock!  I'm trying to think about my piano schedule for next year, because I don't want her to be gone all day and then come home to me teaching piano lessons all evening.  I will never see her!! 

It's definitely going to be a big change; one that I am both looking forward to and dreading all at the same time.  I start to get a little freaked out when I think about lunch time.  Audrey will give her 6 digit code, go through the lunch line with her tray, get her food, pick out her own seat, and then eat her food...all by herself!  And I WILL NOT KNOW WHAT SHE ATE!  This is seriously the hardest part for me.  I always know what she eats because we eat every meal together, every single day.  And now, she will eat five meals each week without me there and without me telling her to eat her vegetables and without me knowing if she ate anything at all.  I might be sounding like a slightly obsessive mother at this point, but this whole eating lunch on her own thing is forcing me to accept that she is growing up!  And it's hard to believe!!


kellie said...

As a kindergarten teacher, let me tell you she will probably eat nothing! Ha! My class hardly ever eats anything at lunch. They are to busy socializing and don't like what is served. Ava has taken her lunch every single day except 3 or 4 days. I know what she eats because if she didn't finish it, it's still in her lunch box! Usually half or more of my class brings their lunch as well...

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