Thursday, March 20, 2014

Frozen Playdate Party

I'm always looking for an excuse to throw a party.  So in honor of Frozen being released on DVD this week, I decided to host a playdate/party with a few of Audrey's friends from school.  It's been a long week around here, as Daniel is running sound for a show and has been gone every night.  So we needed something fun and exciting to do today!

This was just a playdate with a few friends, so I had to keep reminding myself that it didn't need to be fancy.  I can get carried away at times, and I'm often tempted to go out and buy all new stuff.  =)  I was good this time though and didn't spend any money on decorations or anything.  I just looked through all my party supplies and made use of what I already owned.

I had a leftover aqua colored tablecloth from Audrey's Little Mermaid themed party last fall which I threw on our dining room table.  In the center, I placed a couple of snowflakes (which I made out of coffee filters), and on top of the snowflakes, a little Elsa doll and Olaf figurine that Audrey got for Christmas.  (I did go to Target last night just to see if I could find a matching Anna doll, but they were pretty much sold out of all things Frozen).  And surrounding Elsa and Olaf are various stones and crystals that I used recently for a Tiffany themed birthday party and last fall for Audrey's Little Mermaid party.

I thought I could make paper chains out of white copy paper as a cheap and easy way to represent snow.  I had visions of hanging these chains all over the ceiling, but then reality set in, and I just decided to do a few and create a snow chandelier instead.  I finished my "chandelier" off with a few more coffee filter snowflakes.

Audrey wanted to help decorate too.  It was her idea to get her Anna and Elsa dolls (also Christmas presents) and the Frozen DVD cover to place around the TV.

We served lunch to our guests:  make your own Olaf the snowman pizzas!

And Audrey and I made these "ice wands" (aka white chocolate covered pretzels) for dessert.

I found these cute little 6 ounce water bottles which are the perfect size for kids.  I printed off these free bottle labels from Frost Your Party.  (And I printed off extra Anna and Elsa labels because I knew they would be popular.  The moms got stuck with Hans and Kristoff!)

Audrey insisted that we play a game, because you have to play games at parties, of course!  So she made up a game where she scattered a bunch of the stones and crystals all over the floor.  And then the girls had to race to see how fast they could clean them up.  Simple, but surprisingly fun for the girls!!
Then it was time for the main event:  Frozen!  Except the DVD came out on Tuesday, and most of the girls (mine included) had already watched the movie several times this week.  They were much more interested in playing with each other, so they didn't really watch much of the movie!

It was a fun party, but yikes, it completely wore me out!  I've felt like a zombie all day.  Time for bed!  Except I just remembered that Scandal is about to start.  So really it's time to watch Scandal, then time for bed!


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