Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 17: Family Pictures

 Here are some of my favorites from our photo shoot last month!  All I really wanted was a nice looking family portrait that we could use for Christmas cards and for a new canvas print to hang in our living room.  Isla wasn't flashing her biggest smiles (or any smiles) in these shots, but I'm still happy with all these options.

I also love this one of me and the girls!

And we got several cute ones with both girls together.

These will be used as Audrey's five year old pictures.  She is in a stage right now where she has a very unnatural smile for pictures (I think almost all kids at this age do!).  It's more like a grimace than a smile.  But I'm happy that we got a few where she looks happy!

This one is by far my favorite!!

And by the time we got to Isla's individual portraits, she was finally warming up to the idea of getting her picture she gave us some smiles!!

And we even got a picture of Daniel and I together!  It's been a long time! 
It was not an easy process, but I am happy with the results! 


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