Monday, October 14, 2013

October 12: Martha Stewart Day

One of our favorite fall traditions is Martha Stewart Fall Fun Day.  This event started about seven years ago before we had kids.  It has evolved as our group gets bigger and we have more and more kids.  Basically, it is a weekend to celebrate all things fall.  And the pumpkin patch we visit was once featured by Martha Stewart, which is where the event got its name.

This year we simplified our trip and cut out a few things.  The main focus of our day was The Great Pumpkin Patch.    The weather was looking ominous for a while, and it did rain briefly, but for the most part, the weather was cooperative for our day.

As soon as we got that, we hurried to take pictures in our favorite spots, just to make sure we got them done in case of rain!

Spot #1: A family picture in the Pumpkin King and Queen chairs.

We've been taking a picture in this spot since 2007, when we looked like this:

Spot #2:  A picture of each of the girls in front of the How Tall this Fall? sign.  According to the sign, Audrey measured around 43 inches, and Isla measured around 32 inches.

And here is a comparison of how they have grown from year to year.  Seriously, because I am a dork when it comes to record keeping, taking this picture is a real reason that we make the trip to the pumpkin patch this year.  Although I'm a little annoyed that they changed the sign this year and messed with the continuity of my pictures!  =)

Shortly after these pictures, it did rain for about 10 minutes.  We all piled onto the porch of the sweet shop and enjoyed snack.  The girls and I shared an apple cider slushie with a pumpkin whoopie pie, and it was delicious!

My mom and Marcus made the trip with us this year, so it was fun to introduce them to all of our fun fall traditions!

We spent the rest of our time looking at all the displays, saying hi to the animals, taking pictures of Audrey at every photo stand, going through mazes, taking a wagon ride through the pumpkin patch, and picking out our own pumpkins to take home.

After lunch, our whole group (which ended up being about 40 people) headed to lunch at a big Amish restaurant.  We filled two long tables this year!

Our final stop was at Beachys Bulk Foods, an Amish store with all kinds of fun food items! 


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