Saturday, October 4, 2014

Disney 2014: Magic Kingdom Day 1 (Part 2)

After we finished lunch at Be Our Guest, it was just after 12:00...we had the whole afternoon and evening still ahead of us!

It was time for a bathroom break so we stopped by what turned out to be our favorite bathrooms of the trip:  the Tangled themed bathrooms.  It seemed like every time someone needed to use the bathroom, we happened to be close to the Tangled bathrooms.  Only at Disney World do they put this much time and attention into the bathroom design and decor!  That whole tower serves no other purpose except to decorate the area around the bathrooms.

Next up:  It's a Small World.  We waited in line 11 minutes to get on this ride, which I thought seemed a little long as we had walked on every other ride all morning.  However, it was now midday and the crowds picked up quite a bit by this point.  This turned out to be a favorite ride for both girls on the trip because:  No Scary Parts!  Except for all those little dolls dancing around and singing the same song over and over and over and over again.  That might seem a little scary for some adults...ha, ha!  But for our girls, they just loved every second of it.

It was 12:40 when we got off It's a Small World,  and time to use our Fastpass for Enchanted Tales with Belle.  Enchanted Tales with Belle is an interactive show with Belle and Lumiere.  Because it is a show (with no set showtimes), there is not a constant flow of traffic into the attraction, so the wait times can build here pretty quickly.  We just missed getting into the show when we walked into the line, so we had to wait for the next one.  It was a 15 minute wait, the longest wait of entire day.  That was with our Fastpass.  The standby line was a 45 minute wait.

We loved it though!  The idea here is really simple.  Kids are asked to volunteer for certain parts to help Belle act out the story of how she and the Beast fell in love.  But there are some really neat special effects and a fun setting, and overall , it's just a really cute show especially when the kid volunteers are really cute!  The technology used to create Lumiere is really impressive; he looks so realistic!  It's worth a visit here just to see him.  Audrey was too nervous to volunteer for a part, but she did go up at the very end of the show to get her picture taken with Belle.

Daniel's mom had given each of the girls a little money, so we did a little shopping next.  Audrey picked out a princess art kit, and Isla picked out a Little Mermaid play set.  They walked around the store for a while debating what to buy, but in the end, it was a fairly painless process!  Audrey also got "glitterfied" in the store.

Then it was time for our Peter Pan Fastpass at 1:50.  If you want to ride Peter Pan, get a Fastpass!  The line is always long.  It was about 60 minutes when we got there.  And the queue here is really really boring.  We waited there once for 45 minutes when Audrey was 2, and it was just miserable.  They are in the process of updating the queue to make it more interactive and less horrible to wait for an hour there.  So it might be better someday.  But why even bother with the line at all, if you can just get a fastpass and walk right on??  I felt a little guilty cutting in front of all those people who had been waiting for 60 minutes.  The ride itself is super short.  It's a neat ride, but it really isn't worth that long of a wait!!

Next we headed to Adventureland so Daniel could get his favorite treat:  Dole Whip!  Isla fell asleep on the way there in the stroller, so this was a good time to take a little rest.  On our way, we passed the Fastpass kiosks that were located in the covered walkway/restroom area in between Frontierland and Adventureland.  There was no line at all at these kiosks (unlike the ones in Fantasyland near Mickey's Philharmagic which were packed!).  So we jumped in and got a 4th Fastpass to ride Jungle Cruise at 3:30.

Then it was off to Aloha Isle!  After we got our ice cream, Daniel's friend who works at Disney texted to let him know that the parade was going to start early at 2:45 because it looked like it might rain.  So we hurried over to Frontierland to stake out a spot.  I have always watched the parade from Main St, but it was so much less crowded in Frontierland.  Much more enjoyable.

It did start to rain lightly right before the parade started, but it stopped quickly.  Isla woke up about halfway into the parade and was disappointed that she missed the beginning.  My character loving girls always love the parades, so I took lots of pictures!

Since the parade started a little early, we had some time to kill before our Jungle Cruise Fastpass.  So we went to the Enchanted Tiki Room.  This was my first time to visit the Tiki Room.  It was...okay. It's a little show performed by (fake) birds who come down from the ceiling above you.  It's nice and cool in that room and a good place to sit down and rest, but this is definitely not a must see attraction!  When it was over, we walked down to Jungle Cruise to use our Fastpass.  Jungle Cruise is kind of a silly and extremely cheesy ride, but it is such a Disney staple that I always feel like we need to ride it at least once each trip!

It was nearing 4:00 by this point, and we decided to call it quits at Magic Kingdom for the day.  We hopped on the monorail and rode it to the Grand Floridian, where we had a dinner reservation at 1900 Park Fare at 4:40.

1900 Park Fare is a character meal with a dinner buffet.  At dinner, while eating your meal, you are personally greeted by Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella.  This is known for being an entertaining meal, as the stepsisters are quite animated!  And it was a lot of fun!  Both girls were so excited to see all the characters walk around the restaurant and up to our table.  The food was decent.  It's a buffet, and I'm not normally a huge fan of buffet food.  But they had some different options here (compared to all the other buffets we visited).  And their strawberry soup was delicious!

Here's where I take the opportunity to say thank you again to Disney for paying for our meal.

Adding this to the rest of our food for the day, we "bought" $185 worth of food in just this one day.  If we would have paid for the Disney dining plan, it would have cost us $155 for the day.  So if we had paid for the dining plan, it would have saved us $30.  But since we got the dining plan for free, it was a savings of $185 for the day.  And this is only day one.  Not too shabby!

After our dinner, we were exhausted!!  We went back to the resort and everyone went straight to bed to get a good night's rest before our day at Epcot.


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