Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July

We had a nice Fourth of July holiday.  We started with lunch at our friend Jon and Heather's house.  Here's the super easy but yummy and festive dessert that I brought.  Recipe here.

Our friends had a pool and water table set up outside.  We forgot Isla's swimsuit, but that didn't stop her from playing and getting soaked.  The girls had a lot of fun getting wet!

After playing outside and eating, we all went inside.  The girls settled down to watch a movie.  Notice that Isla is sitting next to her friend Havanna on that couch (without her dress, because it was soaked).  Isla is not always very social, and sometimes she doesn't want to talk to any other people, especially kids her age.  She did an excellent job playing with Havanna today, and she had no problem letting Havanna sit right next to her.  Then Daniel and I left the room, and Isla just kept sitting there and playing with Havanna and Audrey...without getting upset.  Sometimes we see these little glimpses of social Isla, and it makes us so happy.  There is hope that she will someday outgrow her extremely introverted ways and at least be able to function with other people in society!  (That's a little bit of an exaggeration, but it is how we feel sometimes as her parents who want to see her make friends and socialize.  It's also ironic that I am writing about this frustration, because I too was an extremely shy and introverted little girl.  I still am, in many ways. So Isla probably gets it from her mom!)

While the girls played and watched a movie, the adults played a game of Catan!  Then it was time to go home.  At home, we played outside for a while.  It was a beautiful day, sunny with temps in the upper 70s.  The little neighbor girl who lives behind us came to the fence.  She has played with the girls a lot through the fence, but we have never invited her into our yard because we hadn't met her parents.  Well, we finally met Dad and felt comfortable inviting her into the backyard.  The girls had so much fun playing together, and I had so much fun watching them!  (And Isla continued to be Little Miss Social the whole time!!!)

We threw some stuff on the grill for dinner, then we let the girls try some sparklers.  Or rather we let Audrey try some sparklers.  Isla just wanted to watch.  This was our first time to do sparklers.  Audrey wasn't sure at first, and wanted Daniel's help.  But then she got braver and wanted to hold it all by herself.

We decided to meet up with some friends to watch fireworks.  The girls are not huge fireworks fans typically, so we wanted to be somewhere with a good view but not too close.  We ended up in a pretty good spot where we could see but it wasn't too loud.

While waiting for the fireworks, we had some popcorn and Twizzlers!

The girls' favorite babysitter Kaylee was there, and Isla just loves her so much!  She continued her social streak by sitting next to Kaylee the whole night.  Together, they cheered and oohed and awwed over all the fireworks, and it really was just the cutest thing ever.  I paid much more attention to them than I did the fireworks.  (Also, at one point in the night, Isla initiated a conversation with another two year old girl who she doesn't really know.  It was AMAZING!)

And here was our view of the fireworks.


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