Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disney World Series: An Introduction

I've been busy planning our trip to Disney World this fall.  I'm a little embarrassed by how much time I have spent researching and planning our trip, but I just love it so much!  Lately, I have had several friends ask me questions about planning a Disney trip.  I have decided to start a new series on the blog to share my wealth of knowledge when it comes to Disney trip planning.  I'm hoping that by sharing all I have learned it will make me feel less guilty about the time I have spent learning it.  Plus I just like talking about our trip!

So, here's a little introduction to our family and Disney World.  In all honesty, I do not understand why I like Disney World at all.  In theory, I should hate it.  It is big and crowded and stressful and so very expensive. All things that I do not like.  Normally I like to go on cheap vacations where I can just sit around and relax and do nothing.  That is the opposite of Disney in most every way.  Yet, there is just something about the place that pulls me in and makes me want to go there.

I think one of the things I love most about Disney is the amount of planning it can take to get there.  You could take a more casual trip with very little pre-planning and still have a great time.  But with my personality and my two kids and the fact that I don't like crowded places or waiting in line, especially when my kids are in tow, planning is necessary.  And I just love to plan vacations.  Disney World is a vacation planner's dream!

We have family in Florida, and we have taken a couple of one day trips and one 2-night stay to Disney in the past.  When Audrey was 2 1/2, we took day trips to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  When Audrey was 3 1/2 and Isla was 9 months, we took a two day/two night trip to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  Last year, Daniel and I attended Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom on our anniversary trip to Orlando.  I have created on link on the right sidebar of my blog.  If you click on Disney World, it will take you to a page with all of our past trips linked there, in case you are interested in reading about our past trips.  I will also include all the info from this series on that page, so you can find it all in one page.

Next post:  Going to Disney World on a Budget!


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