Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6: Oh Christmas Tree

One of our traditions is getting a real Christmas tree.  I grew up every year going to the tree farm and picking out the biggest and fattest tree that would fit into our house.  It is a fond memory that I want to pass on to our girls. 

This year, we decided to get the tree on a Tuesday morning because our weekends are fairly busy in December.  The Christmas tree farms aren't open during the week, so we had to settle for the market down the street that sells trees.  We have gone there in the past and they usually have a great selection.  I was excited because the weather was in the 40s, which is relatively warm for this time of year.

The selection wasn't the greatest, and we ended up with a pretty tree but it wasn't quite as tall as what I wanted.  I made them all pose for a picture with the tree before we left...don't they all look so excited??  It is possible that getting a real Christmas tree every year is much more fun for me than it is for everyone else.

We got the tree home.  And I got the lights on the tree and started to decorate the tree and made good progress, but it is not quite done yet.  So I'll wait and post a picture once it is all finished.  The same goes for the lights outside our house.  One of these days it will all be done.  Maybe it will even get done before Christmas!
So we got the tree on Tuesday, then for yesterday's advent activity, we had a picnic dinner by the Christmas tree.  This was the day before we were leaving for vacation, so I was trying to use up whatever food we had in the fridge.  I got creative and made a Christmas tree themed meal for our Christmas tree picnic!  I don't think it will win any prizes on Pinterest for the most beautiful plating, but the girls thought it was fun.

We had a green bean Christmas tree, a PBJ Christmas tree, and cheese Christmas trees!

I also made a candy cane out of apple slices.

And for dessert...Christmas tree ice cream!  I saw this in the store and thought it would be a fun addition to our meal.

The girls thought it was so much fun!!!


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