Monday, September 1, 2014

Dear September

Dear September,

All summer long I have been both anxiously dreading and eagerly awaiting you.

This month marks the first time that both of my girls will be in school at the same time for a few hours each week.   I'm dreading the busy schedule and craziness that begins now (and for the next 15 years!) which includes dropping off, picking up and transporting the girls to various activities.  Not to mention the stress involved with girls who are anxious about leaving home and going to school.  But I'm also excited about the opportunities that await the girls in school, and I can't wait to see them learn and grow.  And obviously I'm just a little bit excited that I will now have five hours each week all to myself!

This month also marks the return of my busy piano teaching schedule.  I dread trying to fit in teaching 17 students while still spending time with the girls, making sure the house is decently clean, fixing dinner and taking care of my family.  But I am super excited to have all my students back, and I have spent much of summer break preparing new ideas for teaching them.  My brain is about to explode with all the new piano teaching ideas I have right now, and I am frantically trying to get the mess of ideas in my brain organized and ready before lessons start on Wednesday.

This month Daniel is running sound for another show in our local community theater.  I dread all of the nights when he will be gone, and I'm sad that between me teaching and Daniel running sound we don't have a free night at all during the whole month of September!  But I do look forward to the extra paycheck he will bring home at the end of his show!

This month is also our long awaited Disney trip.  And that is one thing that I'm not dreading at all.  We are all super excited about it (and I have more Disney posts to write one of these days!!!)!  I am a little worried that someone is going to get sick during our trip.  It seems like we have all been well for too long, so it will probably be someone's turn to be sick right when it is time to travel.  But hopefully I'm just being paranoid!  It's going to be great!

So September, this letter is to tell you that we are ready for you.  All of you.  The good and the bad.  Bring it!



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